Welcome into The Promised Land mentorship!

This is a safe space for you to not only exist but thrive in your walk with the Lord.

The Promised Land mentorship is for you if you're tired of the promises of God being delayed in your life and you're desiring mentorship to help you go deeper, further and faster into your walk with God thus, getting you closer to the promises of God. It's time to cultivate growth, maturity and your divine gifting.

What to Expect...

  • Weekly Videos - On Demand

    A new video released each week of the year to guide you along your journey into the Promised Land.

  • Daily Devotionals

    Start each day with a new devotion inspired straight from the word of God + a quiet time guide to get the most out of your time with the Lord.

  • Monthly Assignments

    Bonus video + assignments released each month to help you get to your next level.

Course curriculum

Dive into our TPL Chats...

Get all of your questions answered along your journey and support from a loving community each step of the way.

Get the Promised Land Mentorship for $29/ month.

Every 30 days your card will be charged. This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel or the mentorship has ended.


  • Shannon Wells

    Life + Business Coach

    Shannon Wells

    Shannon is a mighty warrior of God with an online ministry, a published author, and a successful business + life coach who has helped multiple women collectively break generational curses and create multiple six figures in revenue. She's made it her mission to work with people who aren’t afraid to be bold, people who are ready to put it all on the line for him, people who are ready to make a big impact in other people’s lives, people who are tired of playing small and ready to walk in their God given authority. She believes the time is now for the children of God to be who it is that he has called them to be.


  • Will I miss out on material if I decide to join at a later date?

    Glad you asked. No, you wont miss a thing. The videos are on demand and set to release weekly. This means you can join whenever you're ready and start right at the beginning of the journey.

  • What if I decide to cancel after I've already enrolled?

    I'd be really sad to see you go. However, you can feel free to cancel at any time. After you cancel, you will no longer be charged for the mentorship and your access will expire at the end of the month.

  • Will I receive live mentorship from Shannon?

    Yes, TPL chats is a safe space for you to share all of your questions, comments, concerns and testimonies and receive a live response in chat from Shannon and (or) the community.

  • If I decide to cancel the mentorship after I've already enrolled, am I able to receive a refund?

    I'd be sorry to see you go. However, after you enroll into the mentorship, you're immediately granted access to the material. Once you cancel, you'll no longer be charged for the mentorship and there will be no refunds administered being that after you've enrolled, you've already gained access to some of the material.