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  • Shannon Wells

    Life + Business Coach

    Shannon Wells

    Shannon is a mighty warrior of God with an online ministry, a published author, and a successful business and life coach who has helped multiple women collectively break generational curses and create multiple six figures in revenue. In the middle of the darkest moment of her life she fully gave her life to Jesus on her bedroom floor, with tears rolling down her eyes, her will quickly became his will. Her desires became his desires. Her focus immediately shifted from advancing the world’s kingdom to advancing God’s kingdom. She was led to quit her job and become a published author. She then went on to start an online blogging business, then a coaching business and now God has called her to directly combat the enemy by breaking demonic strongholds off his people + giving them kingdom business strategies so they can FLOURISH in business and God’s kingdom. The kingdom of God is advancing and he’s raising up an army of warriors. People who aren’t afraid to be bold, people who are ready to put it all on the line for him, people who are ready to make a big impact in other people’s lives, people who are tired of playing small and ready to walk in their God given authority. The time is NOW to rise up and be who it is that God has called you to be.