For those who have decided they're DONE circling the same mountain in the wilderness and they're ready for MASSIVE shift and increase.

No more excuses, no more unnecessary delay, no more getting held back by demonic interference. It's time to take authority, march into the land God has set aside for you and TAKE what's yours! ***We're never waiting on God, He's always waiting on us***

Everything you need to know:

  • You will receive access to nine POWERFUL modules. This is hours worth of content consisting of on demand videos, worksheets and digital recordings created to shift you out of where you are currently (the Wilderness) and lay the ground work for the Promised Land

  • This course is currently self study and does not include private or group coaching (this may change in the future)

  • You will have lifetime access to all digital recordings and any future additions to this course

What you will learn...

  • Learn how to catch Gods attention IMMEDIATELY by sending a message to Him that only saints closest to Him understand. (Do this one thing and God shows up for you QUICK!)

  • Learn how to accelerate your journey through the wilderness so you come out like PURE GOLD.

  • Learn how to command respect everywhere you go...without saying a word! (This comes with the territory. People will know Jesus through you, respect you, and desire to support the vision God has given you.) Why? Because they will want what and who you have...GOD! They will SEE Gods glory on you!

More options to join:

Take care of it all together or split the cost in two.